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Congressional Demand for Better Alerts

Congressional Demand for Better Alerts

If the president wanted to send an alert out to every person in the United States – could he? Executive order 13407 demands that the United States have a robust emergency notification system to alert and warn everyone in the country.

The House of Representatives has passed legislation to fortify the current solution - integrated public alert warning system (IPAWS). The bill authorizes expenditures of up to $13,400,000 to enhance IPAWS.

Under the new legislation, reinforcements to IPAWS include:

  • Greater security, reliability, and redundancy of the Federal Government’s alert capabilities
  • Rapid alert dissemination
  • An improved ability to notify remote locations
  • The ability to geographically target and deliver alerts through multiple communication modes.

FEMA explains that people should be able to receive lifesaving alerts no matter where they are through IPAWS.

By adhering to the IPAWS system, our solutions guarantee higher quality alerts. 

More information on best practices surrounding emergency mass notification can be found in the “Network-Centric Emergency Mass Notification System” whitepaper.

Daniel Porat
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