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Announcing "The AtHoc Exchange"!

Announcing "The AtHoc Exchange"!

Hello, World! The AtHoc team proudly presents our brand new blog. We’re creating the “go-to” website for emergency communication solutions. If you’re searching for the latest thinking on interactive possibilities or how the best in the industry makes Safety #1, this is the place to find answers.

Allow me to quickly paint a picture of what we do.

Here at AtHoc, we understand safety and security communication. We’ve made safety our #1 priority. In fact, it’s our mission to:

"Make the world safer by empowering organizations and individuals with trusted communication during critical situations."

What does this mean in “real-world” terms? That we really know how to get the right information to the right people in a crisis – and we do it fast. Even before a crisis arises; our tools deliver real-time interactive communication through a wide range of channels, including smartphones, tablets, text, e-mail, digital displays, PA systems, desktop pop-up alerts and more.

The graphic below provides a play-by-play analysis of how our solutions move beyond traditional crisis communication methods using advanced network-centric interactive communication technology.

AtHoc Solution Workflow

That’s just one example of how AtHoc’s safety and security communications solutions leverage network-centric and mobile technology to return order in an emergency. Every day, the news brings stories of accidents, workplace violence and natural disasters – all situations where AtHoc has an important role to play.

We’re honored to protect millions of soldiers, homeland security personnel and private sector employees around the world. And we’re excited to share our experiences, innovations and insights with you in our new blog.

We’ll help you stay up-to-date on the many issues that contribute to safety and security without taking up too much of your time. All interesting, thought-provoking and helpful information will be brought to your attention, right here. Stay tuned!

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