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The Importance of Protecting Employees

The Importance of Protecting Employees

What is the value of a great employee? No matter how wonderful your product is, your best employees are the true assets that keep your organization going. If you’re not making sure that employee appreciation is built into your company culture, you risk losing your best talent.

Appreciation goes beyond a word of thanks or a pay raise. It involves protecting your information and the individuals within your organization, so that business continuity is ensured. Here’s the case for the true value of your employees and the importance of protection.

The True Value of A Single Employee

The world is filled with job candidates, but when you find an employee who is truly great, they’re irreplaceable. When considering your valued employees, you may recognize the following characteristics:

They have institutional knowledge - After spending some time within your organization, a valuable employee understands the processes that make the place function. They have built up client relationships and they understand the products and services inside and out.

They are teachers - Not only do valuable employees have institutional knowledge, they take the time to share it. Valuable employees act as natural mentors. They impart practical tips to newer team members, because they believe a rising tide lifts all boats.

They hold positive client relationships - Over several years, valuable employees have built up positive client relationships. Because they’re reliable and professional, they create consistent opportunities with clients and partners.

They’re intuitive - You can’t teach intuition, but over time your best employees will display insight and intuition about best practices and opportunities. They rely on past experience to figure out what may or may not work in the future.

They’re a net positive - A valued employee will create camaraderie and positivity within your office culture. A few key individuals can have great influence on the overall day-to-day of the workplace, through leadership and an enthusiastic attitude.

The Cost of Protection

Your employees are priceless, but protecting them is not. In addition to paying for overall corporation security, Fortune 500 companies pay private security costs.

In fact, CEOs of the largest Fortune 500 companies have astronomical security costs, due to the enhanced security threats inherent in being a high-profile executive. These costs have been rising steadily, sometimes reaching tens of thousands of dollars per week, or what equates to millions of dollars each year. In 2013, 33% of all Fortune 100 executives were eligible for personal and home security expenditures, and that number increased to 37.5% just 2 years later.

Investing In Protection, Protecting Your Investment

When you recognize the value of your employees, you invest in their protection. AtHoc’s suite of products allows leaders to protect their individuals and overall systems within an organization. AtHoc Alert lets leaders send and receive real-time notifications anywhere and on any device. AtHoc Collect allows field personnel to send geo-tagged alerts and images to emergency managers for situation awareness. AtHoc Account monitors personnel status, ensuring safety, readiness, and performance preparation. AtHoc Connect ensures communication and collaboration between organizations for coordinated crisis response.

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