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6 Ways AtHoc is Used for Daily Business Operations

6 Ways AtHoc is Used for Daily Business Operations

Blackberry AtHoc is a networked crisis communication platform used to empower people and organizations to communicate. From wildfires to oil spills to cyber breaches to other emergencies, AtHoc generates faster response times in periods of crisis.

However, there are several instances where AtHoc can add value to your organization, even when you’re nowhere near a crisis. Read on to learn six ways that you can use the BlackBerry AtHoc product suite in your normal, day-to-day business operations.

  1. To Process Personnel
  2. It’s important to account for and protect your personnel in times of crisis. There are also other times when it’s useful to visualize the status of your personnel from an operations center. AtHoc can manage the flow of reports and collect real-time information from the field using AtHoc Collect. If you need to program unique business rules into your workflow, display events over a map with contact information, or direct reports a certain way for further dialogue, you can use the platform to do so.

  3. To Communicate At Scale
  4. Sometimes you need to communicate at scale, even if there isn’t a crisis occurring. AtHoc Alert allows you to preconfigure mass notification solutions. These notifications may be routine announcements that need to travel across your organization quickly. You may want to communicate about drills or to prepare in advance for an irregular situation. The platform allows you to notify your entire organization, or just a select group of people, and attach relevant data when you send out that message.

  5. To Secure FedRAMP Authorization
  6. The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a government program that provides a standardized approach to security assessments and authorizations. Meeting the FedRAMP standard is required for most private companies who wish to do cloud-based business with a US Government Agency.

    Blackberry AtHoc has secured FedRAMP authorization. It is used more than any other crisis communication solution by the federal government. Several agencies have integrated AtHoc into their security protocols, including the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, and the Department of Homeland Security. As an AtHoc user, you ensure that your security protocols are aligned with the government’s. As FedRAMP changes and updates their assessments, Blackberry AtHoc stays current and in compliance with those changes.

  7. To Create Templates
  8. The best time to prepare for an emergency is before it happens. You don’t want to communicate on the fly, using panicked or mistaken wording that causes further confusion. With AtHoc Alert, you can preconfigure templates and scenarios to expedite alerts. Whether you need a template for emergency communications, or just a standardized template for mass announcements, AtHoc has you covered. By creating customized alert templates in advance, you can choose meticulous wording that sends a clear message to all recipients.

  9. To Shrink Delays Caused By Missed Communications
  10. In complex industries like healthcare or petrochemical, Blackberry AtHoc can streamline communications across tens of thousands of people and hundreds of facilities. One North American healthcare facility needed to address a major problem. Their schedulers were spending too much time on the phone attempting to reach various staff members. Even if these calls were not emergency calls, the missed communications caused delays, challenges with recordkeeping, and system holdups that impacted business processes. They needed an integrated tool for streamlining employee management and allowing for accurate tracking of messages through updated technology.

    The AtHoc product suite was rolled out. It reduced the amount of time that scheduling staff spent on the phone by 50%. Managers began to use the platform for general interoperable communication about staff meetings, events, and special announcements. Read more about this North American healthcare case study.

  11. To Eliminate Manual Admin
  12. Mistakes happen when human error is involved. If you’re inside of a sizeable organization, manual data input can’t keep up with the pace and scale of constant change. If you’ve used manual processes to maintain distribution lists or keep track of external partners, you’re bound to encounter errors or watch your data grow out of date. Through Blackberry AtHoc, your partner organizations can manage and control their own lists and messaging. You can remove the need to manually update information whenever someone transfers, gets a new job, or leaves. You’ll strengthen the relationship with your partners by removing guesswork and out-of-date information that come with manual admin.

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