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A Unified Approach to Saving Lives

A Unified Approach to Saving Lives

Iztapalapa, Mexico Landslide Case Study

Communities at high risk for natural disasters are constantly looking for ways to ensure they are prepared if and when disaster strikes. In the case of Iztapalapa Mexico danger from landslides and other seismic activity they were looking for a way to unify their emergency mass notification systems (EMNS).

Iztapalapa Civil Defense deployed AtHoc's Crisis Communications Solution earlier this year as a part of its preparedness for responding to sever weather emergencies. In July, Director Luis Eduardo Perez explained to the public the many use cases where the emergency warning system will support the civil defense mission. The system will alert the public, activate the civil defense staff and provide a platform to report critical communications from field.

Iztapalapa Civil Defense and AtHoc partnered with MDreieck, an AtHoc local representative, to deploy and support the system.

Watch the solution in action on our YouTube Page.

AtHoc in Action

The challenge for any community is to ensure citizens are alerted in an emergency while city officials are simultaneously marshalling an emergency response, opening shelters and collecting accurate status. Iztapalapa Mexico's Civil Defense Officials are now able to accomplish these critical activities using AtHoc's Unified Mass Notification Solution all in one step for their 1,815,768 residents. The AtHoc Crisis Communications System protects lives from the continual threats of landslide, flood and earthquake in this high hazard geography.

AtHoc's Software has been deployed to help keep people safe in Iztapalapa and is on standby for future hazards such as landslides and earthquakes.
For more information: Defensemx/2016/11/17/tras-deslave-instalaran-alarmas-en-cerro-de-iztapalapa

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