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Critical Communication: What You Can Learn from Australia

Critical Communication: What You Can Learn from Australia
A Southern Perspective on Emergency Preparedness

Crisis communication knows no borders. Everyone, no matter where in the world they are located, needs the ability to receive essential information through trusted and reliable channels whenever lives and property are potentially at risk.

That is one of the advantages that come with being part of the Blackberry software family. It gives AtHoc the ability to help protect people around the globe – and it helps us gain new perspectives from outside North America that improve our products for all of our customers.

One of those fresh points of view comes through our partnership with Ajilon Australia, a major IT and business consulting systems integrator with locations in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. Blackberry's AtHoc software is a significant part of their integrated communications solutions for major government agencies across Australia, and for major corporations and universities.

Australia has so far experienced significantly fewer active shooter and terrorist incidents than North America and Europe. The need there is for critical communication strategies and solutions to be in place and preparedness to mitigate any crisis or critical incident.

This distinction between critical and crisis is important. The goal in Australia is to build a system prioritized around preparedness, with rapid reaction as an extension of that process. As such, it streamlines the progression by which multiple entities can coordinate and collaborate across increasingly large geographical areas. These events can be sudden, such as wildfires. Or they can be slower to develop, such as typhoons or floods. The Australian governmental structure actively emphasizes and supports these types of integrated operations. Making them a reality is a high priority across the country.

Of course, AtHoc software supports both preparedness and active response, which is why Ajilon chose to bring AtHoc software into its product portfolio. In addition, AtHoc software is designed from the ground-up for automated, multilingual operations. That makes it an ideal solution for countries such as Australia, in which multiple languages are in simultaneous use.

The two companies recently participated in the Australian Security Summit 2016, in Canberra. The theme of the event was, "Improving Australia's Preparedness For National Security Threats," and the two companies conducted a survey to explore which issues concern Australian emergency managers the most.

Ajilon prepared a powerful infographic around the results, which can be viewed here. The results are interesting, both for the Australian market, and through how they contrast or overlap with perceived needs in other parts of the world. We think you will find them illuminating, as you plan your own crisis, or critical, communication program.

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