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Why the U.S. Government is One of Many to Choose BlackBerry Software

Why the U.S. Government is One of Many to Choose BlackBerry Software

Earlier this month, the United States Army officially endorsed BlackBerry's AtHoc Crisis Communications Platform through to April 2019. AtHoc already protects over 600,000 Army personnel at more than 65 facilities worldwide by delivering critical data to soldiers and other personnel during emergencies.

(Dubhe Beinhorn is a Vice-President for BlackBerry's AtHoc division, overseeing federal civilian, state and local government sales, business development and channel relationships.) 

This is only the latest win BlackBerry has with the U.S. Government (follow the #GovTrusted hashtag on Twitter to see the latest).

We support over 80,000 users across multiple divisions of the Department of Homeland Security, including the United States Coast Guard, which expanded its long-running relationship with AtHoc last month. That same month, the United States Senate selected AtHoc as its primary crisis communications solution, and we received Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) approval from DISA for both BES12 and BlackBerry OS 10.3.2.

Other US departments and agencies in which BlackBerry solutions have been deployed include:

Trusted by 16 of the World's G20 Governments

The United States government isn't the only one that BlackBerry keeps winning contracts with. Eighty percent of the world's G20 governments trust us. We also hold over 80 high-level security certifications and approvals, more than any of our competitors.

This is because security is the cornerstone of every BlackBerry product, and it always has been. Government agencies, which tend to have the highest security requirements, appreciate that.

Our solutions portfolio is also among the most extensive on the market:

  • Good Secure EMM Suites: A powerful set of tiered enterprise mobility management offerings, the Good Secure EMM Suites offer business-class productivity and security in equal measure, and is trusted by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy (left). Each suite is geared towards a specific set of needs, and each embodies BlackBerry's proven approach to secure mobility.
  • AtHoc: The most complete, most interoperable crisis communications tool on the market, AtHoc's two-way reporting and auditing keep lines of communication open during even the worse disaster. A people-focused solution, it connects multiple agencies, first responders, and emergency services, delivering networked alerts to all people affected by a crisis, such as employees in the State of Washington.
  • WatchDox: A secure, intuitive enterprise file sharing solution, WatchDox equips administrators with complete control over sensitive documents, such as those at this 600,000-employee agency, which uses WatchDox to manage its employee application process. Email Protector, available as a standalone solution, can automatically apply WatchDox's granular file controls to outbound email attachments.
  • BBM Protected: A hardened version of our popular messaging platform BBM, BBM Protected builds upon BlackBerry's trusted security model, applying strong encryption to data both at-rest and in-transit and setting the gold standard for Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management.
  • SecuSUITE and SecuTABLET: Previously known as SecuSUITE for BlackBerry 10, SecuSUITE for Government provides complete, end-to-end protection against electronic eavesdropping and third party attacks for all voice calls and data and is relied upon by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Designed to meet the strictest regulatory demands of governments worldwide, it's the preferred solution of government leaders and agencies around the globe. German government agencies are also using the SecuTABLET, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet that's installed with a Secusmart encryption card to ensure its staff can work on the go without falling victim to espionage. The SecuTABLET also runs the BlackBerry Hub software for greater productivity. To the right is Dr. Christoph Erdmann, managing director of BlackBerry's Secusmart division, announcing the SecuTABLET at the IFA Berlin conference last week.

For nearly twenty years, BlackBerry has delivered the most secure solutions and devices to the table. For decades, we've led the pack in security. With decades of experience, an expansive portfolio, and more certifications than any other provider on the market, it's clear why government trusts BlackBerry to protect their most sensitive, critical data, even as the threat landscape changes around them.

There's secure, and then there's BlackBerry Secure – which will you choose to be?

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